This formula can be done in addition to any of my Zero, Dense or Standards Programs.

My whole career is built on the realization that you can DO something about your pain, and that by finding your weak link… YOU CAN WIND UP EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE YOU GOT THE PAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I had given up on dunking when I decided I would devote my entire life — win or fail — to figuring out how to bulletproof my knees so I could play basketball without pain.

Fast forward a few years…

Knees didn’t hurt, and I was jumping higher than ever, which lead to… BIGGER FALLS.

On freak plays where I was undercut and landed full force on my hands, I HAD SEVERE BREAKS TO BOTH WRISTS.

I remember being in a doctor’s office and storming out, because they told me I had a unique break which did not get bloodflow. I would be out for months and “needed immediate surgery, otherwise the wrist would never be the same.”

So I applied my obsession with bulletproofing to the wrists, and I was back playing in weeks — not months — and not only have I never had an issue since: I have significantly greater range of motion and significantly stronger wrists than I ever did before the injuries, thanks to the protocol below, which I suggest doing 1–3 times per week (I suggest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Weekends — after your Upper Body and/or Mobility work) until you have achieved your wrist goals.

Before we dive in, I’d like you to know that the model for the exercise videos is Marcel Betancourt, who has been with me longer than any other ATG team member!

Marcel was out of shape, slow, and had nasty chronic wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain, which he assumed he would just have to live with as part of playing tennis. Now Marcel is freakishly explosive, has bulletproof wrists/elbows/shoulders, and he has even competed professionally on weekends and held his own, despite working for me Monday through Friday. I went to one of his matches and could here fans raving about his serve speed, even by professional standards! Like me, Marcel chooses the life of helping others over his own career, but since ATG gives such insane longevity, I believe he still will have the chance to pursue his personal dreams more thoroughly.

As a coach, Marcel famously got a class of 5 to 10 year old kids doing flat Nordics with strict form, and I have received more rave thank-you’s for his care than any other trainer in ATG history, due to his absolutely relentless compassion for others.

I could not have more love and respect for Marcel, and I wanted you to know the backstory behind my choice for him as the more appropriate model for the Wrist Ability Protocol, since he is stronger than I am in every single movement, and he had to overcome more severe chronic issues in these areas.

Without further ado…

Click on each exercise below to see video, then read below for the WHY:

{Editor’s Note: I put the Wrist Ability Protocol on the app — not because it’s hard to remember, but to make it convenient for you to receive form-coaching on its exercises}

Warm-Up: Wrist Flossing, 1–2 minutes, alternating 10 rotations per side, back and forth

A1. Wrist Flexion: 10–20 per side, then
A2. Wrist Extension: 10–20 per side, then repeat for 3 sets of each
*A1/A2 means superset
**10–20 means if you get 20, you can go heavier, but if you can’t get 10, you have to go lighter
***Your goal is even weight between each hand and extension weight 50% of your flexion weight

-rest 60 seconds

B1. Ulnar Flexion: 10–20 per side, then
B2. Radial Flexion: 10–20 per side, then repeat for 3 sets of each
*Your goal is even weight between each motion and each hand

-rest 60 seconds

C1. Supination: 10–20 per side, then
C2. Pronation: 10–20 per side, then repeat for 3 sets of each
*Your goal is even weight between each motion and each hand


1. Wrist flossing requires a partner, but a single floss band ranges in just the $10–20 range on Amazon, and this step ALONE has worked many wrist miracles. It is one of the main reasons I was able to make not only rapid but FULL wrist recovery in my own wrists. When you can strengthen and get bloodflow to an area without pain, you can put money in the bank towards both faster healing and prevention of future pain!

2. HITTING EVERY ANGLE: Wrist flexion is common. Wrist extension is uncommon but still done sometimes. Ulnar/Radial Flexion and Pronation/Supination are almost NEVER done, and if they are, they are not done as precisely measurable progressive overload strength exercises, and are relegated to such light band work, that at best you can get some relief but NOT bulletproof compared to the norm. Missing out on these key areas has often been the reason found for those I’ve trained who had chronic issues still bothering them, even though the injuries were from years ago. Finding and fixing the weak link worked every time!

The above routine makes it SIMPLE to get your wrists in the upper 1% of bulletproofing. SIMPLE, but… it does require one special piece of equipment:

Watson in England makes an excellent “Thor’s Hammer,” and Ironmind in the US makes the “Heavy Hammer II.” I like the Heavy Hammer best, because the implement itself is lighter, making it more broadly accessible for rehab purposes. The Thor’s Hammer is already quite heavy to begin with, so you should have that warning if you opt for Watson.

I wish it didn’t take any specialized equipment, but at least it only requires one special tool, which is not expensive compared to machines.

With these 6 exercises, you are training your wrist in all 6 of its unique motions! And that is the simplicity of it: getting blood to your wrist from every angle, and finding your WEAK LINKS and making them STRONG. I’ve helped many people fix long-term wrist issues, and there was always, always, ALWAYS a weak link (or two or three) which presented themselves once we addressed all 6 motions between each hand.

So if you think about it, you have 12 potential spots (6 motions x 2 wrists) where you could be leaking power and inviting pain.

I hope you enjoyed the Wrist Ability Protocol.

Yours in Less Pain and More ABILITY,

To follow my full route from ZERO to DENSE STRENGTH to STANDARDS, which has produced 1896 knee success stories and requires ZERO equipment for your first 12 weeks (but you are free to progress at ANY time), check out and use code FRESHSTART2021 for my lowest price ever!

And for the equipment you would need, with links:

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