The process of engaging in a hyperforum involves the user (hereafter, “hyperion”) eliminating his ego-identity and entering a trance state that has been described as a “digital fever-dream” and when “what you post comes from somewhere other than yourself.” Until he can achieve the desired trance-state he is unable to be drawn in to the simulation-stream and it appears as incomprehensible, schizophrenic chaos-language. What the hyperions are in fact performing is an embodiment of a daemon in a distributed multitask computing process, similarly resulting in their independent chaos occasionally acheiving spontaneous unplanned organization of highly complex structures - what the hyperions call “actions.”

These actions are the product of spontaneous self-organization and take many forms, the most common being sudden narrative organization of a collectively generated fiction that takes the position of a guiding myth in the community. More infamous actions result in group departures of the microcosm in raids on other communities, or mass self-induced delusion as a kind of self-deprecating humor. Other actions result in the coining of neologisms and cultural codes that work to further isolate and purify the community into its own inherently discreet microcosm, to more advanced forms of meaning-generation often in encoded numerology or symbolism. While actions are considered to describe all major and remembered acts of spontaneous organization, those that leave a marked influence on the community, stratifying its inherent structure in effecting all behavior post-action, there are infinite miniature organizations of every degree -any two independent users interacting in any way that can be interpreted as non-random is a form of self-organization; actions are only those most massively meaningful. There are however, rumors of hyperreal manifestations - that which escape techno boundaries and stratify the real world.

These formations are not simply organizational but also descriptory - really, the illuminatory. They are illuminating the inherent archetypal commonalities shared - and grown - within the simulated micro-community, that which normally exists above beyond them except when a flash of their image can be known during an “action” - it quite literally a kind of divination. When hyperions lose themselves in their fever-dream ritual of rapid-pace, superlingual communication they are communing with a higher form: the collective’s assimilated thoughtmatrix. This necessarily grows out of what’s brought in from all present hyperions claiming tenancy of each independent hyperforum instance and their isolated, shared inherency, the fundamental eternals by each demographically-unique community which is then grown and twisted over its ultra-accelerated cultural evolution and historical accumulation.

While the knowledge that systems of horizontally decentralized independent actors will spontaneously self-organize into highly complex structures (to eliminate inequilibriums in their system) has been a known principle for some time and recognized in organic, material and digital contexts, the radically advanced results we’re seeing from self-organization in hyperspace is due to four factors: (1) the high info-density and variable-complexity of human actors; (2) the anonymous ego-elimination guiding human actors into a true independent actor role; (3) the extremely fast rate of cultural development relative to organic history; (4) the fractalized picto-linguistics isolating each to a discreet microcosm. The obvious implication is that these are simplistic systems containing complex actors and dense pseudomorphic histories, digitally accelerated, resulting in frequent ultra-complex organization, but more intensive is that the controlled distortion of the system performed through willed adjustment to their own simulated thoughtspheres and selective introductions of inefficiencies into their closed system is not only possible, but relatively accessible, allowing hyperforums to coax their own self-organization towards partially planned forms. While early hyperforum activity existed as a kind of sport, users innocently entertained by the visionary results of their spontaneity games, the greater hypersphere has entered what I would consider their late-stage: collective, willed designs of their own pseudomorphic foundations towards the goal of achieving increasingly elaborate and advanced “ultra-actions,” with varying motivations.

Where these ultra-actions are taking these hyperforum communities, no one can know but the increasingly complex structures they are enabling have convinced many of their imperative importance of various explanations. What was initially a novel pastime has taken on a faithful vitality strongly defended by its adherents though by no means from an agreed upon foundation. The four imperative-leaning ideologies are: (1) performance of a distributed artificial intelligence as a mass human-machine; (2) divination with eternal deities who have eternal Truths hidden in the collective consciousness to be re-discovered; (3) calling to achieve the final stage of humanity’s evolutionary purpose, the spontaneous organization of a God-AI; (4) Janitorial necessity tending to the fabric of contemporary existence by influence over world events. While mainstream theorists would deny that anything hyperreal - let alone supernatural - is at work here, the community’s old paradigm [that the second law of thermodynamics and that the spontaneous self-organization it produces is THE ruling principle organizing all organic and inorganic material in the universe and that the extremity of their actions are simply the product of their accelerated microcosms] has increasingly been shown to be inadequate in explaining the “real world” manifestations that have come to occur now that hyperforum communities have become relatively sophisticated in controlled changes to their environments. Of course, traditionally unexplainable phenomena resulting from especially catalyzed actions had been ever-present in the community, but until it began to be predictably produced, it was largely dismissed as hyperstitional rumor farming by the non-conspirational (given the post-fractal-collapsed, picto-linguistically isolated nature of the community, the possibility of such bourgeois concerns as a standard of evidence are made impossible).


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While the quantum origin hypothesis is a technically promising explanation, it is a known fact that the communities that have most successfully demonstrated control have operated under supernatural, occult assumptions. By embracing ancient Truths - of many differing orders, from paganistic rune formations to kabbalist numerology - the cybershamanists have all come to find invocation power outmatching other communities and alone can attest to a somewhat predictable control of the manifestation of complex forms. Quantumnals would argue it’s only because their shared foundation in spiritual delusion allows their intuited edits to the collective beliefmatrix achieve universality reliably, but it is no coincidence the form parallels so closely past ritualism. It is nothing short of a rediscovery of eternal Truths derived just the same in ancient times. The effectiveness of the occult psuedotruths invoked by the shamanists prove they are supercedent cybertruths, the only that have yet been discovered. What is being re-discovered are fundamental, transcendent organizing principles that can be used as guideposts to guide the chaotic simulation-streams.

To be continued...